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Nitrogen in Tires...  is All the Rage!


Nitrogen Molecule

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Top of the line... N2 Purge and Fill Inflation Systems

With multiple configurations available, we have the perfect size fit for your operation!  From our simple Single Hose Inflation Kit to our top of the line Premier Nitrogen Filling Station, with full color PCL touch screen, no one comes close, no one.   Our systems are so functional they can be used to feed an EVAP Smoke Generator, attach to an empty A/C system for flushing and leak detection, or even drive air tools, paint guns and test equipment.


BIG NEWS FOR 2013!               BIG NEWS FOR 2013!              BIG NEWS FOR 2013!             BIG NEWS FOR 2013!


Thanks to incredible sales growth and the continued loyal support
of our customers, we've been able to expand our N2 line of products.

Get ready for....
New "Lower Priced" Nitrogen Filling Systems
(To complement our Premier Filling Stations, some new base systems are under $500)

New Premier Nitrogen Service Tools
(Digital and Hand Tools that speed and ease service)

New Support Products and Programs
(Add additional services to an N2 fill and increase your margins and net profit)

"Premier N2 Generators"
Technically Advanced New Designs
(New, high purity, Non-Membrane machines... at half the price of other systems)

It is unfortunate be we can not share, via the net, all the technology we have available for you.  There are some companies that deliberately copy ideas, trade secrets and TM's that they aren't able to develop themselves.

Please dial 1(800) 266-4497 right now and we'll share details on N2 systems, plus offer you a special pricing discount for taking the time.
(Note: Best time to reach the tech department is 2pm to 8pm EST)

New Features in 2012...
Our Incredible Emergency Roadside Assistance Program


Premier Nitrogen Auto Club
ERA Registration Page

If you want to review or have already purchased a Premier Nitrogen Tire Service, please click this link. You can take a peak or register your purchase and activate one year of Tire Protection and Emergency Road-Hazard Assistance.



The Cadillac of the Nitrogen world, no one even comes close! sm

Premier Nitrogen tm
Filling Station tm

utomatically "Purge and Inflate" up to 4, 5 or 6 tires, including the spare*
with up to 99% pure Nitrogen in just 5 to 10 minutes

(*Please note that configurations are available for 6, 8 and 10 hoses, for dualies and larger trucks)

Put "Nitrogen in Tires" with the simple touch of your finger and
generate an "Average Profit Margin" of 1000% to 3000% on each service!


A past TIRE BUSINESS survey determined nearly 50% of all U.S. service centers would have Nitrogen Service by the end of 2014! It's nearly a certified fact! The question remaining... will you be caught without a system? Do you want to add $25,000, $50,000, $75,000 or more to your yearly "NET" profit? Remember, if you don't fill tires with Nitrogen, the competition down the street will be the one selling it to your customer... plus maybe more. It's only a matter of time, everyone will need Nitrogen to be able to service tires and perform traditional Undercar Services like balancing, alignments and rotations.


Chart to describe air vs nitrogen penetration rate Tire cut away and molecules escaping through wall!

If you are a real teckie guy and want to get lost in a lot of science...
here is the Official NHTSA Report on N2 vs Air in tires.

Very interesting charts and graphs, it documents some remarkable long-term analysis.
This is the "for sure" definitive testing that refutes all arguments regarding Nitrogen and tire inflation.

It even gives you some ammunition when "Bubba" spout out...
"Air already has 78% Nitrogen, that's enough for me"


Own a shop?
Are you prepared for the N2 service explosion?

Not just any nitrogen but Premier Nitrogen! It's better! We're dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution for your operation. Call one of our knowledgeable technical people today! You will see we have the expertise to design and implement the right equipment, so you can share in the profitable Nitrogen Tire Inflation business. Dial us up right now... 1(800) 266-4497


Close up view of optional 8" Touch Screen, aircraft quality gauges and safety lock out on/off switch  (GWR Deluxe Premier Nitrogen Machine). Extreme Duty cart with Premier Filling Station Control Panel, Ultra Duty Reinforce Ployurathane hoses and Touch Screen PLC. Close up view of our newly upgraded Extreme-Duty Reinforced Polyurethane hones with Strain Relief. High quality caps, parts and tools for Nitrogen and TPMS service, we guarantee savings!


Think you know when a tire is under inflated!
Is the tire 10%, 20%, 30% low???

Checking Tire Pressure as recommended by NHTSA

It is important to check your vehicle's tire pressure at least once a month for the following reasons:
  • Most tires naturally lose air over time, between 1 and 2 psi per month.
  • Tires can lose air suddenly if you drive over a pothole or other object or if you strike the curb when parking.
  • With radial tires, it is usually not possible to determine under inflation by visual inspection.
  • Loss of just 20% of the recommended normal air pressure can reduce fuel mileage about 10%
Flash video of various tire pressure levels

Every vehicle should have a tire pressure gauge in the glove box or trunk of the vehicle. Digital or inexpensive digital gauges can be purchased at tire dealerships, auto supply stores, and other retail outlets.

The vehicle manufacturer's recommended tire inflation pressure is the proper psi when a tire is cold. The term cold does not relate to the outside temperature. Rather, a cold tire is one that has not been driven on for at least three hours. When you drive, your tires get warmer, causing the air pressure within them to increase. Your tires can get warm after just 1 mile of driving.

Therefore, to get an accurate tire pressure reading, you must measure tire pressure when the tires are cold or compensate for the extra pressure in warm tires.

Above tire pressure video and technical information provided courtesy of...

NHTSA.gov U.S. Department of Transportation USA.gov


By now you're probably thinking you can't afford a Premier Nitrogen Filling Station. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise because you won't spend $6,000, $7,000, $8,000 or more, as is the case with the less sophisticated machines from our competitors.

Big News Sign

Newly Designed, Technically Advanced "Premier N2 Systems" now available!
Note:  Some units are priced under $2000.

Premier top end Nitrogen Generator System


No one can sell you a top quality, digitally controlled,
fully automatic Premier Nitrogen tire filling system for less!

We unconditionally guarantee it!

How much can you really make???

Please note we do offer discounts for cash sales, but leasing programs are available for those that qualify and want to make small monthly payments for 24 to 48 months. With monthly payments as low as $200 range, your cost of goods is only about 20%. For example, after making the small monthly lease payment, a sale of just one Nitrogen fill per day will net you $400 to $500 per month. Now multiple that by 25% or 50% of your daily car count (2 to 4 vehicles) and you begin to see the incredible profit potential of this service. Imagine what you'd pocket with sales of 5, 10 or more jobs per day, it's like having a money tree in the back of the shop!

If you want a shock, review below the profit generating potential of the GWR Premier Nitrogen Tire Filling Station. Remember that this is for a shop with only a car count of 10 vehicles per day.
As a footnote... the national average for this size shop is 3 to 4 Nitrogen sales per day.
Fact... You will pay for this machine in 1 to 3 months, with pure profit in your pocket thereafter.


% of Car Count* Service
Labor Cost
Net Profit
Net Profit







2 20% $24.95 $4.00 $6.00 $40.00 $1000.00
3 30% $24.95 $6.00 $9.00 $60.00 $1500.00
4 40% $24.95 $8.00 $12.00 $80.00 $2000.00
5 50% $24.95 $10.00 $15.00 $100.00 $2500.00
6 60% $24.95 $12.00 $18.00 $120.00 $3000.00
7 70% $24.95 $14.00 $21.00 $140.00 $3500.00
8 80% $24.95 $16.00 $24.00 $160.00 $4000.00
9 90% $24.95 $18.00 $27.00 $180.00 $4500.00
10 100% $24.95 $20.00 $30.00 $200.00 $5000.00
This is the most profitable service in a shop, don't miss out on this opportunity!

Direct line to our Sales and Technical Department
1(800) 266-4497
(We are open 2PM to 8PM EST, Monday through Friday)


Please note that Premier Nitrogen carries a complete line of
high quality parts and tools for Nitrogen and TPMS service!

Tire Stem Caps (Green Styles in Plastic, Chrome and Aluminum)
Exterior Banners for promoting N2 Service
Polyurethane Coiled Air/Nitrogen Hoses
Professional Air/Nitrogen Chucks and Inline Filters
Complete line of TPMS Rebuild Kits for Tire Service Centers
OE Approved TPMS Sensor Activation Tools

Aluminum Nitrogen Caps with Green N2 logo

TPMS Certified "Plated" Valve Stem Core w/ Red Seal

Digital Hand Inflator Tools for Topping off Nitrogen and Air

Heavy Duty Green Nitrogen Caps with Red Seals

Click this link to find the best deal on caps and more!
N2 Tools and Accessories

When we say Automatic, we really mean Automatic...

The Premier Nitrogen "Filling Station" is the only machine on the market with individual tire pressure monitoring. Why is this important? What if you want to service a vehicle with different front and rear tire pressures? With other systems you will have to go through two service cycles, one to fill the front tries and then another to fill the rear tires. Since the laws of physics dictates the time to purge and fill and then purge and fill again (normal procedure for 97% N2 concentrations) would be approximately 10 minutes, servicing the above dual pressure vehicle could take 20 minutes minimum. Now add the spare tire to the equation (the most important tire on the vehicle for conversion) and it might take up to 30 minutes for a full size service. On the other hand, the Premier N2 Filling Station, requires a total time of only 10 minutes for this vehicle. And that's for up to 5 or 6 tires, with varying pressures! You don't add on full service cycles, since all tires are converted at the same time and at the correct pressure setting according to the O.E.M. specs.

Premier Nitrogen...
no equal when it come to Nitrogen Equipment!

If you want the very best...
Premier is the Cadillac of Nitrogen Inflation Systems.

Call 1(800) 266-4497 and our engineers will design your dream machine!